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Man Sentenced in Nude Swimming, Car Theft, Burglary Case in Hinckley

A Hopkins man has been sentenced in an August 2017 burglary in Hinckley that included assault, car theft, and nude swimming.

27-year-old Blakke Vosburg will spend 67 months in prison on 1st degree burglary and 1st degree robbery, and has three prior felony convictions.

Back in August of 2017, a Hinckley man called to have Vosburg removed from his property.

Vosburg pulled a knife on the man, stole his 4 wheeler, which he abandoned, and peeled out onto Highway 48 towards the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the man’s pickup truck. With authorities in pursuit, Vosburg reached speeds of 115 mph, exited the vehicle when he was south of Danbury, and jumped into a river.

Deputies eventually retrieved Vosburg from the water, who at that point was nude, and took him into custody.

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