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Business Secures $50,000 Loan From Pine City

EZ Box Electrical System Solutions, LLC continues to make forward momentum after being award a $50,000 revolving loan from the Pine City City Council and Economic Development Authority on Monday.

EZ Box is a family run company that makes safer electrical switch and outlet boxes owned by Glen Liubakka. These boxes are considered safer because they do not use traditional screws or nails to fasten them. This lessens the chance of wires being damaged which can cause electricity to arc and potentially start house fires.

Earlier this month, Pine County voted to give the company a loan as a part of their Entrepreneur Fund. In total, EZ Box will receive $150,000 from lenders in the first round of financing.

Now that he has secured financing, Liubakka can make the molds used to manufacture EZ Box's products. He said, "We (EZ Box) will be placing orders for the molds to produce our product. We have contract to manufacture with Plastech Corporation in Rush City."

The molds from Plastech will take 10 to 12 weeks to make. Once sample products have been given the green light, EZ Box will begin production.

Liubakka won't be stopping there. Plans are in the works to build a manufacturing site here in Pine City. This facility will be designated to handle their products used to build steel constructed buildings.

This facility will add over a hundred new jobs to the area. Liubakka said, "All said and done we should have 130 employees up to 200 plus employees from the Pine City area."

Manufacturing of EZ Box Electrical System Solutions, LLC initial product lines is set to begin in the spring of 2019. The ground breaking for their Pine City facility should take place in 2020.

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