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City Council Approves Application for City Development Program

The Pine City City Council approved a motion to apply for the Small Cities Development Program during their Thursday meeting.

The city is contracting the Lakes and Pines Community Action Council to handle the application process as well as the administration of the program in the community.

The SCDP is run by Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development. It provides forgivable loans to homeowners and businesses to help improve the property. This program will help maintain the housing stock in Pine City.

Mayor Carl Pederson, along with the City Council, is excited for the potential good the Small Cities Development Program can do here in Pine City.

Mayor Pederson said, "We have a lot of housing stock in the community that is old and dated. This program would be great for those folks who could get into a home and put a new roof on or put windows in."

If approved, the program would start in 2019 and would extend for 30 months.

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