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Rush City Schools Push for Vital Referendum

This November, members of the Rush City community will be voting on an essential referendum for Rush City Schools.

Of the 336 school districts in Minnesota, only 38 are more poorly funded than Rush City.

The school’s lack of funding has caused them to make massive cuts. Executive director William Campbell said, "Last year, we made a little bit over $300,000 worth of cuts."

A lot of those cuts involved members of the school's staff Campbell explained, "That included teaching positions, that included paraprofessionals, that included not being able to purchase a new bus, and other reductions. This is not the first year we have had to make reductions because of that."

The Rush City school district has been holding community meetings to discuss upcoming operating referendum vote.

When asked about the communities response to the referendum, Campbell said that the school has received a lot of interest.

"People have a lot of questions. They are asking how we got in the situation we are in now," said Campbell.

The school is explaining everything the best they can. The Sept. 20 meeting featured a presentation from the school's financial advisors who explained the current local, state, and national trends in school funding.

The community seems to be in support of the operating referendum despite all their questions. Campbell said, "There were several members of the community who have very strong positive opinions about the passing of the referendum. I believe a majority of the people at the meeting were very strongly in favor of it."

If the operating referendum is voted down, the school will have to continue making cuts. However, the only thing the Rush City School district can cut at this point is positions, and that means that students will start losing opportunities.

The next community meeting is scheduled for Thursday October, 25th at 6:30 p.m. at the Rush City High School Theater.

You can listen to the full interview with William Campbell on the WCMP Podcast.

Photo taken from Rush City schools website.

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