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Braham Residents to Vote on Crucial School Referendum

In less than a month, Braham residents will be voting on a crucial operating referendum for Braham area schools.

"We've had three years where we have made significant cuts. We've cut over a $1,000,000 from our budget," said Superintendent Ken Gagner.

The Braham school district has beyond just tightening their belts. Gagner reports that the school has cut 20% of their teaching staff as well as cut important personale needed in day to day function.

Gagner said, "We've cut 40% of our secretarial staff, we've cut 25% of our custodial staff, we've cut nine coaches... we have just reached a point where it has become very difficult to provide services we want to offer to our kids."

If the referendum does not pass, Braham schools will continue to make cuts, but teachers and additional administration are the only things left to cut from the budget.

Superintendent Gagner asks that any community members with questions regarding the operating referendum call his office and he will gladly answer them in full.

More information can be found on the Braham area schools website.

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