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Pine City Passes Resolution in Opposition to New Liquor Legislation

The City of Pine City has passed a resolution in opposition to proposed legislation that would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell alcoholic beverages that are above 3.2% ABV.

Resolution #18-47 was passed during the regular city council meeting last week.

Pine City’s history involving issues with off-sale liquor was a driving factor in the decision. City Administrator Ken Cammilleri said, "Historically, we haven't retailers be particularly responsible with off-sale."

However, this was not the only reason the city has an issue with the proposed legislation.

He went onto say, "We're significantly affected when our profitability goes down because the profit from the liquor store supports both operations and capital purchases for the city."

The legislation to allow retailers to sell strong alcoholic beverages was proposed in May of this year to the Minnesota Legislature, and it is sponsored by Sen. Karin Housley of Stillwater.

Minnesota is one of six states that still maintains policies that only allow convenience and grocery stores to sell what is called "low-point" beer.

Resolution #18-47 will not affect any of Pine City’s current ordinance requirements.

The Minnesota alcohol sales debate will begin next year.

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