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Cambridge Turns to Social Media in Pursuit of Big-box Craft Store

The City of Cambridge has taken to social media in order bring a Jo-Ann Fabrics to the community.

The city has been courting various hobby and craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics for many years, but they have always been turned down.

Lynda Wolf, a representative from Cambridge's EDA, said, "The one thing that the brokers and developers always say is that our population isn't big enough or we don't have enough shoppers."

Cambridge hopes a petition will help show that the area can support the business. "I don't think they take the time to understand the demographics of this area," said Wolf.

The petition isn’t without its critics. Some Residents want the city to support a local mom and pop shop. Wolf says the city is open to that since they can take the data from the petition and present it to a person or business who is looking to fill in the gap.

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