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Sections of Asphalt on Industrial Street to be Replaced

The lift of asphalt on Industrial Street is going to replaced less than a year after it was laid.

The asphalt is part of the improvements to the street that were done over the summer.

During the Thursday, November 29 city council meeting, Greg Anderson of SEH explained that truck traffic and the weather affected its durability.

"It was wet when we paved so we decided to not put both lifts down. Between the truck traffic, the wet material and not getting it dried out in the fall we just put one lift on. It's starting to break up already," Anderson said.

Heavy rains in early October pushed back the project until late October and early November.

At the October 25, 2018 council meeting, the City of Pine City approved a request to pay $11,528 to the contractor for improvements to Industrial Street. Mayor Carl Pederson says that he does not expect the city to pay any additional costs to replace the broken sections.

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