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Pine City Seeks Residents Input on Future Community Center

The City of Pine City is partnering with the Center of Small Towns for a survey that will aid in the design of a community center.

The survey aims to gather input from Pine City residents so that the new center will reflect the community's needs and wants. According to a release from the city, this survey will be a major step in an ongoing community conversation in the creation of this community center.

"The Pine City community constantly talks about recreation facility needs. The city hears this and wants to fully understand what amenities the community desires and the feasibility and sustainability of a facility like this” said Community Development Director, Lezlie Sauter. “When a city of 3,200 has a surrounding market area of nearly 10,000, there is so much to consider and think about when talking about this, especially long-term and financially. Hopefully, this survey will give us some concrete information to start this process in the right direction" added Sauter.

The survey will take 3-5 minutes to complete. It can be found on the city's website, Facebook page, or by clicking the link below.

Participants will be entered to win $25 worth of Pine City Chamber bucks.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Lezlie Sauter at 320-629-2575 or

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