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Benton County to Join Foley in Fiber Project

The city of Foley held discussion on potential changes to their fiber line plans alongside the wastewater force main project.

Benton County was approached early on for joining in on the fiber project with no commitment being made, but a change in elected officials and potential for federal funding has piqued the county’s interest in being an owner of the project.

The updated design plans would total around $35,000 in engineering costs, with some city council member wanting to see the county cover that cost as well as the costs for the original plans.

Council was also concerned with potential timeline setbacks due to the change, with city administrator Sarah Brunn stating that city engineers don't believe it would but a consensus needed to be reached to avoid any setbacks.

Benton County held discussions for their involvement in the project late this week and agreed to be the owners of the fiber line and will work to service many areas in the county.

Construction for the wastewater and fiber projects are slated to begin in the fall of 2022.

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