Braham Area Schools To Host Referendum Meetings

The Braham Area Schools will be bringing a tax neutral bonding referendum to district area voters early this year.

The district had conducted a study which had shown that much of the district's current systems including HVAC, heating and ventilation are past or approaching it’s useful lifespan.

The district is looking for almost 11 million dollars to help with facility improvements including heating, building ventilation, electrical upgrades, improved parking lots and more.

Braham Superintendent Ken Gagner in a interview with KBEK touched on what the overall goal of the referendum is for the district.

"We have an opportunity here that is tax neutral, we can invest in our schools and keep things where we can continue to maintain these buildings and provide a good experience for kids."

The school district will be holding informational meetings on January 7th, 21st and 24th all starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Braham High School to give voters more information and to answer any questions about the referendum.

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