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Braham Hears Comments on Possible Annexations

The Braham City Council heard comments from residents on future potential annexations of properties located in Stanchfield township.

The city had held a special meeting earlier last month with residents and members of the Stanchfield Township Board discussing the topic.

The city had been looking to establish city limit lines and annex in properties that use city services and reside within the city radius

A 60/40 annexation would be used for the properties, stating if a property is 60% bordered by the city and the area is 40 acres or less, a city may annex it by ordinance.

Some Stanchfield residents were concerned with higher taxes, lack of notice and no new added value for them. Council assured them their dollars would benefit the growth and success of the city.

Council wanted to assure residents that the process is still very much in the early phase and nothing was set in stone yet.

Braham will continue with their procedure and inform all involved parties as time progresses.

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