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Braham Infrastructure Request Moves Forward

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The city of Braham had their water infrastructure funding request heard by the House Industrial Education & Economic Development Committee Wednesday morning.

Braham’s funding needs sits at nearly $23 million dollars with ineffective systems and infrastructure costing the city roughly $16,000 in maintenance costs per year.

Rep. Brian Johnson presented the request to the committee, touching on what impact the needed project can have on local taxpayers without state funding.

"25% of the population is below the poverty line and without assistance, it would cost each family of four almost five thousand dollars a year."

The city is currently seeking a 50% funding match to keep estimated utility bills down. Without funding, water bills are estimated to rise as high as $157 a month by 2030 to help fund repairs.

The Development Committee approved of the request unanimously, the request will now move on to the Committee of Ways and Means for further discussions.

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