Braham Revisits Potential Chicken Ordinance

The city of Braham held discussions on chickens being raised and allowed within city limits during their August meeting.

A couple of residents brought the request forward with the main goal being to raise chickens in backyard areas for food purposes. Preliminary guidelines would see interested residents, property owners or renters, get approval from surrounding neighbors for the application process which could be managed by a third party.

Braham Councilmember Vicki Ethen stated that it was good to see this request brought back before the council again.

"This has been talked about for years. The former city administrator Sally did not support it, she wouldn't even bring onto the agenda. So thank you for bring it back again because I've been wanting chickens for a long time."

Council referenced surrounding cities' current policies including Cambridge, Pine City & Mora. Other potential guidelines and restrictions would include no roosters, restrictions on the sale of eggs and coop requirements. The request will be sent to the planning commission for language drafting, with a vote expected later this year.

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