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Brunswick Flea Market owner rescues child, injured as truck drives into business

The owner of the Brunswick Flea Market was hospitalized after a vehicle drove into the business last Friday.

According to Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith, a flea market volunteer suffered a medical event when attempting to turn onto Highway 65.

"When they pulled out onto the highway, there was heavy acceleration, and instead of turning and going down the highway they just kept doing their turn and it pulled them right back down into the ditch and right into the building."

The vehicle accelerated through an open garage door at the flea market.

Smith said owner Tammi Johnson was injured for heroic actions in pushing a two-year-old child out of the path of the oncoming vehicle.

"She was actually out of the path of the vehicle, but the child wasn't," Smith explained. "She ran in front of the vehicle and grabbed that child. And as she was struck by the vehicle, she tossed the child out of the path of the vehicle, probably saving the child's life."

Both Johnson and the driver were treated at the hospital for their injuries. Johnson is recovering from a broken back.

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