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Cambridge-Isanti Approves Final Budget Recommendations

The Cambridge-Isanti School District presented a final recommendation for balancing the 2022 yearly budget at their April meeting.

The district would look to reduce the yearly budget by $1 million dollars, on top of the already $7.5 million that has been cut over the past two years.

Academics and co-curriculars would see some reductions which would include a school supply budget freeze and a cut to middle school baseball and softball.

Cambridge-Isanti Superintendent Nate Rudolph explained that while the district is appreciative of donations and grants, they can’t sustain revenue shortfalls.

"If we believe in strong schools, that we are an essential service for strong communities, they must be publicly supported"

The school board had attempted to pass a referendum back in November of 2020, but failed by about 4,000 votes.

The school board approved of the new fiscal year budget recommendations unanimously.

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