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Cambridge Upholds Dangerous Dog Designation Ruling

The Cambridge City Council held discussion on a potential dangerous dog designation at their April city council meeting.

Back in March, Mr. Oneil's German Shepherd was not leashed when it ran up to another resident’s dog and attacked it with no provocation according to the complainant.

The dog was not injured in the attack but based on city and state ordinances, the dog was to be labeled as potentially dangerous with the option to appeal the ruling.

The complainant shared their version of the event in which they claim to put themselves between the two dogs to distance them when Mr. Oneil's dog went behind him and bit their dog on the back of the neck.

The complainant did admit to addressing himself as an officer to Mr. Oneil, saying they had heard of stories from other neighbors about other incidents with the German Shepherd.

Mr. Oneil pleaded his case to the council stating that this was the only incident to have occurred and that he would occasionally have the dog unleashed in isolated areas to play.

"If I seem a little upset with the officer that night I apologize, but she's all I have." said Mr. Oneil.

A dangerous dog designation requires the animal be properly registered with the city, fully vaccinated and microchipped for tracking purposes.

Mr. Oneil has already completed the registration and vaccinations, but asked for more time to gather funds have the dog microchipped if the ruling was upheld.

The council voted to uphold the designation of the dog and to allow the owner up to 6 months to microchip the dog.

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