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Complaint filed against North Branch mayor dismissed

A code of conduct complaint filed against North Branch mayor Kevin Schieber was dismissed during a public hearing on Tuesday.

The complaint brought by council member Kelly Neider was the subject of a special session on Oct. 10.

Neider filed it in September after Schieber called actions that led to a complaint against her “egregious.”

According to that complaint, a liquor store clerk reported Neider questioning the price of a purchase before telling her that the store is a drain on the city’s budget.

She also allegedly said she’d shut the city’s liquor stores down when she became mayor before leaving the premises.

Neider, who has been censured twice in 2023, accused the mayor of defaming her character.

Council member Travis Miles proposed a work session to work through some of the council’s interpersonal issues.

"I think we need a work session with everybody on this council, so that way we can hash out whatever it is that we have to get past the stage we're at," Miles said. "Because we basically have a year left to serve this great city, and we need to prove to our residents and our city employees that we are leaders, and can act as one group."

The motion to dismiss the complaint passed unanimously.

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