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Fire destroys storage unit structure in Mora

A fire early last week destroyed a storage unit structure in Mora.

According to information from the city of Mora, firefighters responded to a structure fire at Gopher State Storage on Highway 65 just before 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 10.

Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith said the blaze was caused by a kerosene heater in one of the units.

"Somebody that had a unit was doing some work, and using it like a garage," Smith explained.

Smith explained that the person renting that storage unit turned on a kerosene heater before closing the door and going out to wait in their vehicle.

That's when something ignited.

Smith also said the fire spread extremely quickly due to the structure not being built for a fire code.

"It was able to get in and spread to the entire structure, which includedd, I'm guessing, probably 15, 16, 20 units."

The Mora Fire Department was at the scene for just over three hours.

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