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Foley Discusses Changes To Parking & Storage Ordinance

Several Foley residents voiced their comments on the city’s current parking and storage ordinance.

A resident had approached the council during an open forum, stating they had received numerous city code violations in regards to a trailer they were storing on their property.

Issues were raised in regards to the language of the ordinance itself, stating that vehicles in side yards have to be stored on a parking surface but not to the extent of how large the surface needs to be.

Some residents had also raised concerns that they had been receiving violations while others remained unchecked with similar situations.

The council discussed making changes to the language of the ordinance so that clearer guidelines could be enforced.

Councilmember Jeff Gondeck spoke on who the ordinances are really for.

"The reason we have ordinances are for the 1%, the rest of the people don't have a problem with it. I think we keep the ordinance, and enforce it."

City council elected for the ordinance to return to the planning commission for potential revision and to be voted on at the next meeting.

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