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Foley Discusses Fiber Plans with Benton County

The city of Foley held discussions with Benton County in regards to a partnership with installation of fiber for high speed internet.

After some changes in elected officials, the county had expressed interest in joining the project with city officials wanting the county to cover costs needed for the change in plans.

Issues arose when it was discovered that Benton might not wish to meet certain requirements Foley had set forth, including free service at city owned facilities and potential revenue sharing.

Foley Mayor Gerard Bettendorf made it clear that the city will move forward with the project no matter what.

"If we are not going to get them, there is going to be no deal, period. Either we get what we asked for or we are going to do it ourselves."

Benton County assured the council that they would do everything they could to meet the criteria and will continue discussions with city officials in the coming days.

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