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Foley Downsizes on Utilities Project for Highway 23

The Foley city council voted on construction changes regarding Highway 23 and the city’s utilities during their meeting earlier this week.

Estimates for the project came in around $1.68 million dollars which was higher than the city had hoped so options were presented to remove low priority items to help offset overall costs and save money for future projects. Council was informed if they wish to go with the full project, sewer rates would need to increase significantly to replenish the sewer fund.

Foley City Administrator Sarah Brunn presented to the council a rough estimate of how high rates could go to offset the full project costs.

"If we spent all of the money instead of the trimmed down option, just to replenish, we would have to add $56 to each account holder for one year. That's just to replenish the cash for this project, that wouldn't account for any other increases that need to happen."

The Department of Transportation will be improving nearly 13.5 miles of the highway between Milaca and Foley, with a new roundabout to be constructed at 8th Avenue and Penn Street.

Council approved of the trimmed down project option which will reduce the cost by over $600,000, the project is expected to be completed by November.

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