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House Capital Investment Committee Stop in Braham

The city of Braham hosted a visit from the House Capital Investment Committee from the second leg of their tour Monday morning.

The committee started their tour with a visit to Braham’s Water Treatment Plant to look at the needed upgrades the plant needs to handle the increased population and demand.

Legislators and staff then listened to a short presentation outlining the need for nearly $11 million dollars in state aid for waste and drinking water projects, with City Administrator Angela Grafstrom explaining what Braham currently faces.

"Over the past 12 months, the city has experienced five water main breaks, costing the city approximately $49,000 in repairs. In my two years as city administrator, this is the norm. We average five to six water main breaks per year and we were just recently informed by the Department of Health that our copper levels are above the action level."

The city of Braham has never asked for any state bonding help in the past but hope this visit will shed light on the issues Braham currently endures.

The city will continue its efforts to bring their issues and needs to as many representatives as possible and hope to be considered for the next bonding bill.

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