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Isanti Accepts Bid For New Liquor Store

The city of Isanti is one step closer to it's new liquor store after hearing proposals at their January 5th meeting.

The council heard from two bidders, Widseth and Brunton, on the proposed 12,000 square foot building. Both bidders expressed their appreciation to the city on their dedication and organization of the project so far, which would allow the companies to move quickly with such a tight window for construction.

Isanti Liquor Store Manager John Jacobi spoke on the need for speed and efficiency for the project.

"That's so important to us, I want to get that traffic and get that curbside going." said Jacobi to the council. "We did really well last year, but we just want to get rolling right from the get-go."

Widseth and Brunton both presented proposals with Brunton offering two options, their original bid with reworked figures and a second new bid. After listening to both proposals, council decided to go with Widseth, which estimated cost of construction to sit between $175 - $200 per square foot, reaching a preliminary estimate of 2 to 2.5 million dollars

The city of Isanti is hoping to have the new liquor store open by Thanksgiving of 2021

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