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Isanti Continues Talks with New Liquor Store

The Isanti City Council continued their discussion on the proposal for the new liquor store on 6th Avenue SE at their December 2nd meeting.

Council members took some issues with a proposal presented from Bolton and Menk; Council member Steve Lundeen expressed his disappointment with the choice of concrete walls and the poor insulation and energy efficiency that comes with it.

"Six inches of concrete is six inches of concrete, it's cold. I don't care what you do with it," stated Lundeen.

The cost of the roof and a line item for an interior designer were some of the other issues council noticed. Isanti Liquor Store Manager John Jacobi also voiced his concern about the time taking for the process as well.

"I got people coming to me, arguing with me that I can't get their beer. Why? Because I got no place to put it. I don't have half the bourbon that people are asking me for. I can't put it in there, I don't have room." explained Jacobi "I need this thing to move, and I need it to move fast and my customers are asking me for this."

The Council shared Jacobi’s view on the timeline but wants to make sure the project is cost-effective and completed efficiently.

The proposal is expected to be reworked and further discussion will take place at the city council’s next meeting.

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