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Isanti County Approves Change to Recorder Position

Isanti County held a public hearing and vote in regards to changing to an appointed recorder position during the meeting early last week.

The county had attempted to make the change late last year with a three to two in favor vote but the change could only happen with a super majority from the commissioners.

Many citizens attended the public hearing voicing their disapproval of the potential change, stating that it takes rights away from constituents, opening the position up to bad characters and remove checks and balances.

Isanti County Administrator Julia Lines touched on right to vote concern, stating that state legislature allows for the change.

"The right to vote is sacred and is not something we treat lightly. The legislature provided counties the statutory option to appoint in 2019, so appointing this office aligns with the Minnesota Constitution and is not in violation of anyone's constitutional rights to make this an appointed position."

Many in favor of the change pointed to the cost savings and increased service the change will have, potentially saving the county nearly $100,000 per year.

The Isanti County Commissioners voted to approve the change to appointed recorder position by a vote of four to one.

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