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Isanti County Makes Changes to Accessory Dwelling Ordinance

Isanti County held a public hearing in regards to changes to the current accessory dwelling ordinance that has been worked on since 2020.

An ADU is a smaller, independent residential unit located on the same lot as a stand-alone single-family home, typically used to enable seniors to stay near family as they age. The county planning commission and surrounding townships looked to make the language easier for families looking to help older relatives.

Bruce Mickelson, Chairperson of the Isanti County Planning Commission, touched on the increasing number of retirees who will need their children’s help.

"We're established in our communities, we like living in our communities but we are aging and at some point we are going to need additional help. Statistics and all the research show that people do far better continuing out their life where they spent their lives with their friends and families."

Some residents including a Cambridge Township commissioner were empathetic to the needs to keep loved ones close but were concerned with the potential density increase the changes could bring.

County commissioners passed the ordinance's changes unanimously, You can see all of the changes by checking out the Isanti County website.

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