Isanti Moves Forward With Main Street Project

The city of Isanti heard a preliminary report on the Main Street reconstruction project at their last city council meeting.

The street was assessed back in 2020 and was given a rating of four out of ten, which is below the mark for any recovery type of project.

The project would stretch from Whiskey Road/County Road 23 to 4th Avenue NW/SW and will look to reclaim the road section, replace curb and gutter and make utility improvements.

The project is estimated to cost around $674,000, which could be covered with state aid funds.

The project would also look to improve the drainage with existing grades and pipe constraints hindering proper drainage. The new changes and pipe would run around $59,000 dollars, which council agreed could be paid for using the Storm Water Utility fund.

The city council approved of the Main Street project and storm water improvements and will be holding an open house on the project at a later date.

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