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Isanti Moves Forward With New Animal Control Service

The city of Isanti held further discussions regarding the change in their animal control contractor last week.

Gratitude Farms out of East Bethel had come under allegations of improper licensing, mistreatment of animals in their care and potential theft of animals on private properties, which led the city to switch services to On-Line Retrievers out of Ogilvie. Isanti Police had stated that they hadn’t received any complaints from Isanti residents regarding the operation.

It was noted that in the new contract, if an owner was not identified or did not claim the dog, the City would incur costs associated with the collection and kenneling of the animal. Isanti Mayor Jeff Johnson spoke to the owner and touched on their best practices during a temporary period.

"She had a number of cases that they did pay that fee and nobody ever didn't retrieve their animal and if they didn't, she was able to rehome it and there was no fees that ever came back to the city."

Further discussions were held on maximum duration of kenneling costs the city might encounter as well as costs surrounding dangerous animals that need to be kenneled for a set amount of time.

Council approved moving forward with On-line Retrievers as the city’s animal control service, the city does have a 60 day window to terminate the contract if any issues were to arise.

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