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Judge Rules Against Hillman Township on Hornet Street

A Tenth District Court Judge has ruled against the Hillman Township board regarding their actions to deny maintenance for Hornet Street.

The Crisman family has been at the forefront of this issue, with Hornet Street being the only access to the family’s home and the township refusing to perform maintenance or even helping with right-of-way obstructions for the family.

The judge ruled in the case that the township would be blocking the family from potential public services such as emergency vehicles or school buses and would be leaving the family in the hands of others whom would make it hard for them to access their home.

In a press release, Renee Crisman is “extremely grateful” for the Judge’s ruling but fearful the Township will continue the exhausting fight to abandon the only road to their home. Andy Crisman said, “we just wish the board would bring peace to this situation, now that they have been given a path to do so.”

The Crisman family is expected to hear what the township will do for their next course of action during the next public meeting which takes place Tuesday, November 16th.

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