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Kanabec County Continues Vaccine Rollout

While Covid numbers are continuing to decrease across Kanabec County, vaccines are in short supply. Kanabec County Public Health has started focusing on vaccine rollout, communicating with Welia Health and other organizations on getting priority groups taken care of.

At this point, Kanabec County Public Health is currently running low on vaccines with no new shipments expected this week. The county stated that vaccine allocations are set based on the number of people within the priority groups.

Kanabec County Public Health Director Kathy Burski talked about the state’s increased efforts to vaccinate older Minnesotans as well as the priority groups.

"The problem is we created more demand without bringing more supply," said Burski in an interview with KBEK, "That group is about 1 million people and the state gets about 60,000 doses in a week, so at that level its gonna take 4 months to vaccinate that group."

Burski also touched on the need for people to receive both rounds of the vaccination and continue social distancing.

"You are not fully ready to go with the first one, you really do need a booster to get the full effect" said Burski, "so its still 6 weeks after that first shot which why we are telling people you have to stay diligent."

You can see the full interview with Kathy on Q-Media’s podcast page.

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