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Milaca Grabs First Win of the Season Over Rush City

The Milaca boys basketball team traveled to Rush City on Friday night.

The Tigers came into the game feeling pretty good, having won their first game of the year the night before. Milaca however was looking for their first win on the season.

The first half of the game was streaky, both teams would go on scoring runs but then there were stretches of no scoring and plenty of turnovers. Late in the half Milaca held a 5 point lead and was pushing to extend said lead. But the Tigers had used a timeout at seemingly the perfect time, after it they were able to take the lead by going on an 11-0 run. The Wolves would end their drought and give chase to the Tigers lead but the Tigers maintained that lead into halftime 35-31.

Though the 2nd half had less scoring than the 1st there was not a lack of action for people to cheer for. The Wolves would waste no time retaking the lead they once had, it wouldn't last long though as the teams quickly began to trade the lead on what seemed like every possession. Late in the game the teams were still trading the lead but it was in smaller margins, of only one point. But Milaca had broken that streak and went up by three with less than a minute left in the game. Sadly for the Tigers they had opportunities to tie the game or slim the lead to a single point, but the bounces simply wouldn't go their way. This helped the Wolves and they took advantage and stretched their lead to 5 points with only a few seconds left, which basically ended the game. The Tigers wouldn't go down and out without one final shot in which they made to lessen the final deficit to 3 58-55.

The Tigers fell to 1-7 with the loss, their next chance for a win will come after the new year. They'll travel to Hinckley-Finlayson January 4th.

For Milaca it's win number one on the season, they too will wait till after new years for a chance at another win. They'll welcome in Foley January 5th.



Brock Talberg 19

Colin Marudas 17

Landon Hasz 8

Ben Berg 6

Samson Trigg 4

Thomas Leom and Coleton Kiel 2

Rush City

Braeden Rood 11

William Volk and Owen Dick 9

Lincoln Gullerud 8

Jamison Wood and Nolan Stepp 7

Lukas Diedrich and Garland Gibbs 2

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