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Mora Approves of a New Dog Park

There is a growing interest within the community for the creation of a dog park in Mora.

The city council heard from residents in support of such a project at their February 16th meeting. Carmen Finn and a group called “Friends of the Mora Dog Park” presented a proposal with an ideal location being near the Kanabec History Center and the trail system.

The group had first brought the project before the council in July of 2020.

While the park board supported the idea, there was no funds in the budget for such a project, so the group raised money for the project themselves. Total fundraising efforts so far has reached over $18,000 dollars.

Mora Mayor Alan Skramstad spoke of the group's fundraising efforts and about how this wasn't the first time such a project was presented.

"There was a group like this several years ago that wanted to do the same thing but they didn't go out and raise some of the money." said Mayor Skramstad, "But you have done a outstanding job and I can see it being one of the (city's) summer projects."

Maintenance and repairs were a couples of issues that were brought up as well as potential yearly flooding near the river.

While the group did go out to receive bids for the project, the city council will have to obtain their own before any construction could begin.

The council voted to approve the dog park project.

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