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Mora City Council sets public hearing on public-use cannabis ordinance

The Mora City Council will conduct a public hearing about a proposed cannabis ordinance on Tuesday, May 14.

The hearing will be held at Mora City Hall at 7 p.m.

The ordinance would regulate the use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products in public places within the city.

It comes on the heels of a measure adopted by Kanabec County earlier in April.

At the last Mora City Council meeting, Kanabec County community health director Kathy Burski explained the benefits of having the city and county ordinances on the same page.

"For law enforcement, it certainly makes it easier if it's similar throughout the whole county and with the cities as well," Burski said. "It's getting nice out, we're going to start having a lot more people in those public parks and places, so I do feel like the sooner, the better."

Interested parties are encouraged to attend the meeting in person. Written comments can be sent to Mora City Hall or emailed to city clerk Natasha Segelstrom.

Comments received before May 9 will be included in the meeting packet. 

Both oral and written testimony from the public will be considered at the meeting.

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