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Mora Holds Off Pierz for 6th Conference Win

The Mustangs boys basketball team hosted Pierz Thursday night.

It was a low scoring first half highlighted by some impressive defensive play. Mora's offense was able to find more way to the basket and built themselves a double digit lead of 18 points. With under 5 minutes before the halftime break the Mustangs seemed to be gliding along, but Pierz turned things around. The Pioneers went on a 9-0 run to end the half and erase the nearly 20 point lead Mora once had. The Mustangs still lead at half 26-17, but the feel of the game and momentum had certainly changed.

Pierz wasted no time in the 2nd half starting where they left off. Continuing to put pressure on Mora shooters and grabbing points at will. The Mustangs were still able to put points on the board but sporadically. This aided Pierz in closing the gap down to only a 4 point lead in Mora's favor. Even though the Pioneers had closed the gap, and done it quickly, there was zero panic from the Mustangs. They went forward playing their style of basketball and never let themselves get rattled. They eventually saw more and more lanes open and even more baskets fall. With Pierz in foul trouble and little time left Mora was sent to the charity stripe, there they converted the free throws and pulled back out to a double digit lead. They would close out the game with a 58-49 win and their 6th Granite Ridge Conference victory.

Mora improved to 15-3 on the season and 6-3 in their conference. They will travel to Little Falls on Tuesday for another conference matchup.



Gage Braiedy 20

Jonah Smart 16

Dallas Fix 11

James Oslin 5

Madox Balmer 4

Jack Lind 2

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