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Mora Increases Starting Wages for Aquatic Center Employees

The Mora City Council voted to raise the pay wages for lifeguards and supervisors for the Mora Aquatic Center during their meeting this week.

Lifeguards will now start at $14.00 per hour and supervisors will start at $16 per hour, increasing the MAC’s overall payroll budget by $6000. This change comes after a significant drop in returning staff and a decrease in applications so far for the 2022 season.

City staff were able to make an $8000 adjustment in the MAC’s budget to help offset the payroll increase. The MAC is also scheduled to have price increases take effect this year to help generate more revenue.

If you are interested in a position at the Mora Aquatic Center this summer, you are asked to check out the city of Mora’s website or reach out to City Hall.

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