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Mora Property Getting Ready to Sell

Kanabec County motioned to place a piece of real estate up for sale at their February 16th meeting.

The county held 1st Street property in Mora was issued a city code violation back in December of 2020 due to debris and vandalism. Costs for cleanup have totaled around $500 for landfill fees for the outside with around another $2,000 for cleanup costs for inside the structure.

With the assessed value sitting around $66,000, the county is looking to get the property rolling and potentially sold before September. Members also discussed selling the property as is and not investing more money into cleaning.

“There will be a lot of interest in it, even the way it is.” said one member of the board, “It’s still a bargain, people will still be interested.”

If the county were to receive no bid for the property, it would be their responsibility to clean the inside of the property before the next spring.

Discussion took place over starting figure for the lot, with the assessed value plus cleaning costs potentially serving as the starting figure.

The county is looking to start receiving bids sometime around mid March.

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