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No Wake Restrictions on Area Lakes & Rivers

The Sherburne County Sheriff Office is asking for boaters to be aware of the temporary wake restrictions that have been put into place.

An “Emergency No Wake Zone” is being implemented on the Elk River, Big Elk

Lake and Lake Orono. Boaters on these waters will need to maintain a “Slow No Wake” speed when operating within 150 feet of shore. The high water levels have created a greater potential for damage to submerged shorelines, docks and residential structures.

In Kanabec County, the Sheriff’s department has placed Ann, Fish and Knife Lakes under a Temporary Emergency Lake-wide No Wake Zone. This is due to submerged structures, floating debris and unsafe shoreline conditions. The city of Milaca had also announced that the Rum River Shelter & Campsites at Rec Park will be closed until further notice.

The Emergency No Wake Zone will remain in effect on these bodies of water until the end of the day on May 31st.

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