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North Branch City Council seeks voluntary resignation of councilmember Neider

The North Branch City Council passed a resolution requesting the voluntary resignation of council member Kelly Neider at a special meeting last week.

A closed meeting on Nov. 28 that resulted in a separation agreement with former city administrator Renae Fry was the subject of an investigation after information was leaked.

An independent investigator determined in January that Neider was the source of the leak.

Mayor Kevin Schieber said a city commissioner allegedly received a text from Neider saying the city fired Fry.

Neider was also officially censured as part of the resolution. Schieber explained his thoughts that a censure alone was not sufficient.

"I wouldn't have done what the evidence is showing that Councilmember Neider did," Schieber said. "And if I did, I would have resigned. This has compounded. This is not just a one-time thing. There is a pattern here, and she doesn't like my word 'egregious,' but but these actions are more than egregious. Her actions and words put the city at harm."

The resolution passed 3-1, with council member Peter Schaps voting no. 

Neider was not in attendance at the meeting.

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