North Branch Fire Department to Receive New Fire Truck

The North Branch City Council approved of the purchase of a new fire truck during their meeting earlier this week.

Council was approached about the request earlier in the month with three different options with the department recommending a 2021 Demo Model from Custom Fire which is cheaper, newer and available immediately.

Council agreed it was time to make the upgrades needed for the fire department, with Councilmember Amanda Darwin appreciating everything they do with what they have.

"We as a community put our lives and safety in their hands and know that they will make it work one way or another."

The new vehicle would replace the current Engine 4303 which dates back to 1989, the new engine would be one of the first trucks out on calls and be used for extractions to reduce use on another truck as well.

Council approved of the purchase with the NBFD contributing $15,000 to the cost bringing the total down to $525,000.

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