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Ogilvie School Board reaches verbal agreement with superintendent candidate

The Ogilvie School Board has reached a verbal agreement with a replacement for retiring superintendent Kathy Belsheim.

At a meeting on April 22, chair Nathan Koenings said the board selected Kevin Ricke from Badger School District for the position.

"We've been pretty busy trying to hire a Kathy Belsheim replacement," Koenings said. "It's been busy. But we spent a lot of time and hours doing this, and we have accomplished that."

Koenings said Ricke’s experience made him a good fit for the district.

"It's another small school district, a smaller school district than ours, and the board did a lot of deliberating and he's cool working with others and staff, and we felt that this was a good fit for our district."

The school board held a special meeting to discuss contract negotiations on April 25.

After leading the district since the 2011-2012 school year, Belsheim will retire effective Friday, June 28.

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