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Ogilvie Wraps up Conference Play in Pine City

The Lady Lions were in Pine City last night.

Before the game even began there was something much bigger this game was about, cancer awareness. Pine City sold t-shirts and even received donations which will help for cancer research.

As the game began it was evident we were in for a barn burner. The Lions came out firing and wanted to continue to push the pace. Pine City had no problem keeping up and it even seemed to help them get out to an early double digit lead. What also helped was Kloey Lind grabbing 20 points and 10 rebounds in the 1st half alone. But Ogilvie wasn't shying away, they continued to play their style and managed to close the gap a few times. Between Kadence Pierce getting every shot to fall to Bailey Heald dropping three's like Curry, they kept their team right in the mix. The Dragons would pull ahead and go into halftime leading 52-36.

With the pace in the first half not giving either team an opportunity to catch their breath you'd think the 2nd half would settle down. Not the case, even though there were less points scored overall, there was still plenty of action. Ogilvie managed to cut down the Pine City double digit lead and start to gain on them, they were within 6 of the lead. But just as soon as the Lions grabbed momentum it was stolen away from them, literally. As a team the Dragons had 10 steals in the 2nd half, Sophie Lahti nabbed four of them. This would stretch their lead again and prove to be the back breaker. Ogilvie fought hard till the very end but came up short 99-64.

Pine City improves to 17-6 on the season and finish 12-0 in the conference! They will host Chisago Lakes tonight!

Ogilvie now stands at 14-8 on the year and finishes 8-4 in the conference. They'll travel to face the #1 team in Class A Mountain Iron-Buhl on Saturday.



Kadence Pierce 23

Bailey Heald 17

Grace Heins 14

Jerah Nelson and Lexi Nehring 4

Alexa Peterson 2

Pine City

Kloey Lind 28

Sophie Lahti and Karly Jusczak 21

Ella Sell 13

Vivian Lahti 6

Summer Thieman 5

Mallory Clepper 4

Piper Mettling 1

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