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Outlet pipe project in the works for Mora Lake

An outlet pipe project is in the works to mitigate flood risks on Mora Lake.

According to Mora Public Works director Joe Kohlgraf, the effort stems from flooding in the city in 2019 and 2020.

Kohlgraf said Mora Lake does have a storm drain, but still has a need for an outlet pipe.

"Mora Lake does not actually have an outlet pipe," he explained. "We have a storm drain, but it has to back up that high in the system before it runs out, and it's not capable of keeping any sort of level that we could desire."

Kohlgraf said during the flooding, the city spent a lot of money to pump water out of the lake to keep streets from being overrun with water.

The city received grant funding for the outlet pipe, which will coincide with a county road project in 2025.

"We're looking to start at the library park, and we'll have a drain that runs from there all the way through to the city maintenance garage, and then from there it'll kind of be over land to the river," Kohlfgraf said.

Kohlgraf said the pipe will help relieve pressure when the lake gets to a high water level and prevent flooding.



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