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Pine Area Lions Announce Holiday Raffle

The Pine Area Lions have announced that they are moving forward with organizing their Holiday Raffle.

This is apart of the organization’s 2020 fundraising efforts after other events were canceled amid the pandemic. By consolidating efforts, the Lions have increased the raffle to have six cash prizes, with a $1000 grand prize.

“Like so many other events over the past 6 months, we need to cancel the Turkey Bingo fundraiser due to indoor seating limitations,” said Cassandra Olson, Pine Area Lions President.  “Instead of missing out on that opportunity to raise funds for our community, we are combining efforts to create a larger Holiday Raffle with more winners and prizes with higher awards.” 

A limit of only 1000 tickets will be available this year. They are being sold for $5 each, and tickets can be purchased from any current Pine Area Lions member.

The raffle winners will be drawn on Saturday, December 5, in Robinson Park at 6:30 PM. Winners do not need to be present to win.

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