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Pine City Schools Plan for 2020-2021 School Year

From the Pine City School District:

On June 18, 2020, Minnesota School Districts were directed to develop three contingency plans to prepare for the 2020-21 school year using the scenarios described below. Pine City Schools ISD 578 teams have begun working on these scenarios and will use the information received from families (i.e. surveys), data from the Department of Health, and guidance from the Department of Education to formulate plans. While we will be ready for each of the scenarios, the Governor will ultimately decide what all Minnesota school districts will do. The Governor's decision is scheduled to take place in late July and our District will be ready to communicate ISD 578 plans in August. We know that parents, students, and staff would prefer to know sooner, but that is out of our control. We very much appreciate your patience as we work to ensure your children are kept safe, cared for, and provided a quality education. The District is planning for the following scenarios as directed by the Governor, MDH, and MDE:

Scenario 1: In-person learning for all students. In this planning scenario, schools should create as much space between students and teachers as is feasible during the day, but will not be held strictly to enforcing 6 feet of social distancing during primary instructional time in the classroom. Activities and extracurricular programming should continue to follow the Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth Sports.

Scenario 2: Hybrid model with strict social distancing and capacity limits. In this planning scenario, schools must limit the overall number of people in school facilities and on transportation vehicles to 50% maximum occupancy. Sufficient social distancing with at least 6 feet between people must occur at all times.

Scenario 3: Distance learning only. However, schools may be open to provide emergency child care or other functions.

Governor Walz’s Office, in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), is expected to announce the model under which schools will reopen for the 2020-21 during the week of July 27, 2020. The Pine City School Board will be provided an update on planning progress at its July 13 regular meeting. It is anticipated that a Special Board Meeting will be called soon after the Governor's announcement in late July to determine exactly how our District will be moving forward with the 2020-21 school year.

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