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Pine Co. to Consider the Implementation of Body Cameras

The Pine County Sheriff's Office is considering the addition and implementation of body-worn cameras to the department.

In a press release, the Sheriff's Office said, "MN state statute 626.8473 requires that we provide an opportunity for public comment before we purchase or implement body cameras. It also requires the county board to allow for public comment at a regularly scheduled meeting. Finally, we also must allow and consider public comment as we develop the policy for the body-worn camera system."

A public meeting on the matter is scheduled for February 18 at the North Pine Government Center in Sandstone.

A daft of policy will be made available on the Pine County website shortly, but you can currently find a draft of the policy on the Minnesota Department of Administration website.

Any comments regarding body cameras can be sent by mail to Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson at 635 Northridge Drive NW, Suite 100, Pine City, MN 55063. Comments can also be emailed to

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