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Princeton Fire and Rescue to Purchase Rescue Boat

The Princeton Fire and Rescue Department made a request to authorize a purchase of a rescue boat at the May city council meeting.

With the expectation of increased activities with warming weather and canoeing season coming up, the department is looking to purchase their own rescue boat to be better equipped and drastically reduce response time.

Princeton Fire Chief Ron Lawrence spoke on the impact this purchase will have to the community and surrounding areas

"It takes a little while for Mille Lacs County to get down here if we need a water rescue" stated Chief Johnson, "This would be pretty immediate if we needed to get on the river or on one of the lakes that we cover."

The request had been on the agenda for a meeting earlier in the month, but had been tabled so as to allow for more research and focus on other items.

The Princeton Fire & Rescue Department covers 6 local lakes in the area, including the Rum River. The department will look to purchase the nearly $18,500 worth of equipment and training with the option of being refunded for the training if completed before June 30th.

The city council believed the purchase to be well researched and approved of the request unanimously.

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