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Tinklenberg Charged with Second Degree Murder for Death of his Grandmother

The 42-year-old Ogilvie man arrested after his grandmother was found dead has been charged with murder.

Dustin Tinklenberg was arrested on September 13 after the victim was found dead on her couch with several major wounds to her head. An autopsy later determined that the wounds were made by a weapon like a hatchet.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim’s son told investigators that he believed Dustin Tinklenberg had killed the victim. Other family members at the scene said that the suspect had been staying at the residence and was seen there the night before.

Tinklenberg was reported to have been arrested near the residence of a former significant other. He told law enforcement that the victim had sexually assaulted him as a child and was still taking advantage of him.

Tinklenberg reportedly told investigators that he "lost it" after he believed the victim altered the bacon he was eating.

The criminal complaint said that he was known to carry a hatchet, and surveillance video taken from a Casey's General Store in Ogilvie on September 12 showed Tinklenberg to be wearing a hatchet on his belt.

He is facing 2nd-degree murder charges, which carry a max sentence of 40 years in prison.

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