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Two Arrested in Connection to Robbery at Pine City Walmart

The following is a press release from the Pine County Sheriff's Office:

"On January 1, 2020, at 11:19 PM Pine Co 911 received a call of a possible

robbery at the Walmart in Pine City. Witnesses reported a female was

assaulted and robbed in the parking lot. Further witness information was that

the suspect appeared to be younger and wearing a white hat. The suspect left

the area in a maroon-colored car. A witness provided a partial license plate

for the vehicle.

Deputies located the victim in the parking lot. The victim was checked by

ambulance for her injuries but not transported to a hospital. According to the

victim, the suspect grabbed her purse and she fell to the ground. The suspect

then ran off with her purse to the car seen leaving the parking lot.

Around midnight, officers in Chisago County stopped a vehicle in Harris

matching the description given by the witness. The victim's purse was

recovered. Two people were taken into custody and transported to the Pine

County jail on charges of robbery. Formal charges are pending by the Pine

County Attorney’s Office."

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