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Unexpected Surprise for Isanti County Historical Society

The Isanti County Historical Society is beyond grateful for an unexpected gift that was presented to them. After having an up and down year due to Covid, the historical society recently received a donation totaling $125,000.

The donation came from the will of Charles Nelson, a former professor at St. Cloud State, who passed away in 2020. The historical society was listed as a beneficiary to the Nelson estate along with the former college. Some believe that Nelson left the money for the society after the arson fire that took place in July of 2011 that lost 75% of the collection and to give back to the community.

Sam Klocksien, Executive Director for Isanti County Historical Society since 2018, described the reaction to receiving such a large gift.

"The first thing was complete surprise when we got the notification."

Klocksien also explained what kind of plans were in store for the donation

"We want to earmark it for something substantial, something meaningful, definitely using it for something notable."

Klocksien spoke of a couple options including adding an exhibit room onto the main location in Cambridge. The board has discussed the donation from Nelson but due to Covid they haven't been able to meet. The board is hoping to do so in the spring.

If you would like make a donation of your own, become a member or would like to find out more information on the historical society, you can either visit the Society's website or Facebook page.

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